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PE foam - ecology is the key

Polyethylene foam is a product for the 21st century - it is light, easy to use and above all ecological.

Foam PE is sometimes called a "controlled vacuum" - it separates the product from the external environment, protecting it against shocks, moisture and the action of most chemicals.

Thanks to the protective properties, flexibility as well as the variety of shapes and colors, polyethylene foams are becoming more and more popular. In the industry they are used on a large scale, they are used to secure, among others, glass and ceramic products, furniture, wooden elements, electronics and household appliances, car parts, agricultural and horticultural products.

As standard, we offer:

  •     0,8 mm 1,25x700 foam
  •     1 mm 1,25x500 foam
  •     2 mm 1.25x250 foam
  •     3 mm 1.25x175 foam
  •     5 mm 1.25x50 foam

To meet your expectations, we also produce so-called cut foam, tailored to your individual needs.


Are you interested in the product: PE foam - ecology is the key ?

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