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About us

Folpolter exists since 2009. Thanks to people who believe in what they do, their determination and dedication, in a short time we have become a significant and competitive enterprise in the packaging industry.
The company's flagship product is stretch film produced on a specially designed production line, which allows for the repeatability of production, thus maintaining the set standards.

This approach affects the optimization of the entire production process - from the preparation of the project, through its implementation, to the delivery of the goods to the customer.
All these elements result in high product quality.
We are also reseller of the following articles:

We always try to find the best solution, which is tailored to your needs.

In addition to quality, trust is also important. Therefore, our company gives you the opportunity to satisfy your packaging needs in a secure and transparent manner, which confirms the entry in the Ministry of Finance register as a company that has submitted a guarantee deposit in accordance with Article 105a paragraph 3 of the VAT Act.
With gained knowledge and experience as well as a strong sense of duty, we ensure well-being and trust at every stage of the commercial relationship.

Folpolter II Sp. k

(dawniej: FOLPOLTER II Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.)
ul. Niegłowicka 47B
38-200 Jasło

NIP: 6852289744
tel./fax 13 44 582 19